We design targeted campaigns and strategies that utilize our top-class experience of PR, marketing, advertising and demand generation—all underpinned by an editorial mindset that sets us apart.

Press Coverage

Due to our expansive partner base consisting of the world's most prestigious news outlets, you'll receive unrivaled press starting month one. Our exclusive strategies drive staggering increases in conversion rates, powering far more media placements.

Media Relations

Our public relations approach combines experience with a data-supported understanding of the viewer. We understand what platforms and networks people use and how the devices they use change their viewing habits. Consequently, we pinpoint the particular content needs of the given media through a variety of partnerships and research, enabling us to create tangible visual assets that tell your stories.

Talent Services

Due to our strong relationships with the world's biggest Talent Agencies, we build partnerships between our customers and celebrities, athletes, experts, and loyal fans who follow their every step. Through our strategic partnerships with many major talent agencies, management companies, record labels, and entertainment law firms, we link brands with top talent from the worlds of film, television, fashion, music, sports, technology/media, and wider pop culture.


In order to help brands and companies thrive in a digital-first environment where attention can’t be bought and confidence is the key to unlocking success, our digital experts have reimagined the communication and marketing playbook. Our data-driven approach places the marketing emphasis on individual conversations and relationships, and the consistency of our results guarantees that the stories we share and the experiences we build deliver results at every point of the journey.


We are experts in the modern marketing paradigm, where a complex co-ownership model replaces conventional approaches to brand management. Our campaigns understand that in a free market, where consumers not only purchase goods but also control business decisions through their collective voice, brands compete for action and advocacy.

Our knowledge covers automotive, consumer packaged goods, energy, fashion and apparel, food and beverage, luxury, retail, technology, and financial services. Our strategy is insightful, targeted, content-rich, and activated in real time.

We know firsthand that in the modern digital landscape, a brand is created not just by the business that runs it, but also by the individuals that communicate with it.

Public Affairs

We understand that success in public affairs focuses on creating and handling trust-based, long-term relationships. We help clients navigate their institutional relationships, participate in deals constructively, and create effective partnerships to drive their solutions to the most critical social issues.

Influencer Marketing

Our unique approach to influencer marketing provides our customers with top and bottom-line outcomes. Our approach is highly-tailored, data-driven, and social-by-design, enabling us to break through the cluttered digital environment through meaningful and effective storytelling.

Business Transformation

The Arora Company’s experience with world-class businesses has been shaped by our extensive experience in leading transition assignments. By changing stakeholder habits, we influence market results, increase value, and create stronger efficiency and greater engagement, all of which are essential to a successful turnaround. Our approach is geared toward helping businesses manage a number of situations, including:

Portfolio Expansion and Realignment – Realizing and driving value through material portfolio changes (e.g. divestitures, spin-offs and merger integrations)

Turnarounds and Recovery – Regaining market leadership in the face of crisis or material breaches of trust

Business Repositioning – Seizing new opportunities or combating disruption through proactive shifts in business models